It is perhaps a truism that water is life. But, we need a focused consolidated programme on the theme of water that locates behavioral science and decision research at the core. This can work towards sustainable goals for both people and the environment, which is rooted in how we think and behave.

Hence, we are doing our bit. 

water drop

How do our minds think about water?

Areas of Interest

जल पे सोच

Judgments and decisions about  Water

How people think about water using psychology and behavioral economics which has global significance. 

Psychology of water

Impact of water on our thinking, decision making, and actions.

Sustainable behavior & consumer decisions

Using behavioral science to tailor sustainable behavior, preferences, and choices related to water or WASH.

Environmental Decision Making

Individual decision making and underlying psychological processes including valuation related to water.


“Thousands of years ago, we revered the fundamental elements of Earth. Now, it is time to locate these back centrally as we aim to address global and national dialogues on the environment while striding on sustainable development goals in India and globally. Let us find insights and evidence as we go ahead with the old sense of ‘Water is Life’. This can be aided by advancing knowledge about how we think, judge, and decide about these aspects along with finding local solutions that push forth sustainable behavior. Let us be committed to the national initiatives and global developments to work together for the better.”

Sumitava Mukherjee, Ph.D.

Lead investigator
Behavioral scientist and decision researcher

Work together

We are interested in academic and business collaborations with public, private, and government organizations interested in pushing forth the knowledge about how we think and act around the theme of water spanning various stakeholders.