Anybody, from any institution, can apply to work on a short-term basis as an associate. One can be located in Delhi NCR or in any other place (and hence, work locally but be connected remotely). Co-supervision of master’s projects for students at other institutions is possible. IIT Delhi students (both UG and PG) can directly get in touch. These are unpaid positions but due academic credit would be given as the case may be. Work can span study design, data collection, programming, meta-analysis, data analytics, and report writing.

Please see the list of topics below and apply.


Judgments and Decisions about or related to water
* Judgments about recycled water in India
* Subjective valuation of water
* Marketing impacts of labels on people’s judgments about water
* Consumer choices in water consumption

Environmental Decisions and Life on Earth
* Judgments about environmental decisions concerning harm
* Prosociality towards water bodies
* Joint decisions and tradeoffs for natural water resources
* Valuation of aquatic animal lives and biodiversity 

Behavioral Insights
* WASH field report: Wash basins and hand washing behavior in restaurants and restrooms
* Water scarcity 
* Water consumption in households
* Availability and usage patterns of pure and safe water in working class neighbourhoods
* Motivators for water conservation and behavioral approaches towards efficient usage of water

Psychology of water
* How does water impact our cognitive processes?
* Does water environments impact decision making and thinking?

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